Well, would you look at that?


I’ve almost got my first ripe tomato! Is that cool or what? Very nice surprise! I haven’t been out in the garden to do more than water for a couple days, cuz I somehow got a stupid virus that was trying to eat my computer. Been busy dealing with that, and imagining all the slow, painful ways I would torture the idiots who think it’s fun to give people misery and aggravation by writing computer viruses. I mean, really, what kind of a moron gets off on creating havoc like that? The world would be a better place if somebody did torture them all to death slowly and painfully!

So when I went out to play today, after finally curing my baby, it made me very happy! Didn’t get as much done as I wanted, as usual, but I did pot up a few pepper seedlings that really did need bigger homes. Also took out my bolting window box lettuce and planted some ageratum and globeflower seedlings in there instead. I put the window boxes in front of the container garden bed, cuz my daughter’s dog keeps knocking it down with his leash. I thought that might help keep the dirt in place.

So, for all you people who still have cold, soggy soil, dream on! You can make fun of me in July when my garden is dead, and I’m waiting for cooler weather to start the fall garden.

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The other day, before my computer went berserk, I tried to get started on the lasagna bed for the Sweet Potatoes. When I tried to poke the digging fork in the ground, it pretty much bounced back up into my teeth. It hasn’t rained in ages, so the clay is concrete again. I got my milk jugs and soaked the area real well overnight. So here’s a lovely pic of my milk jug garden! LOL!

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Not much else going on in the garden. Stuff is growing, and looking pretty good. Except for the chard! Danged cabbage loopers found it, but I sprayed some bt the other day, and it seems better. Would have sprayed again tonight, but had grandson stuff going on…

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3 Responses to “Well, would you look at that?”

  1. I guess you can keep your hot weather and clay soil. Sometimes my cool springs and soft sandy loam sound pretty good! But I still want your ripe tomato ;-)

  2. Sometimes I envy your climate but you obviously have challenges of your own, some similar to us up in Zone 7b. We are having a devastating heat spell here in West Texas but, thankfully for a dependable well, we are able to keep things going.
    All the best down there in the valley!

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