Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

sb158 | April 2, 2010


Been a frustrating couple of days, not as much accomplished in the garden as I’d hoped. Yesterday I managed a few little odds & ends, but it really had to be a housework (YUK) day. So I got a good start, and was just getting into the zone, when Hubby decided to come home and mess up the kitchen I’d just cleaned to make lunch. Never understand why lunch always requires grease spatters, chopped veggies all over the counter, and lots of dishes. What’s wrong with a simple, non-messy sandwich?

So I cleaned up his mess, then went to sit down a minute. When I woke up, it was pretty much time to start dinner. Didn’t sleep well the night before, I guess…*sigh*.

Today I actually did get some stuff done. When I pulled out all the going-to-seed lettuce, broccoli, etc., I just threw it all in my amazing-laundry-hamper-composter. I knew I needed to dump it out, chop it some, and remake the pile properly. Since it was cooler today, I decided to do that first.

I needed to get some SWC’s ready, so mixed the dirt for and filled 4 of them. Noticed that the cosmos seed I planted a few days ago is sprouting, as are the mini-morning glories I put in the top tipsy pot. Lots of teensy-tiny baby chamomile, too! Oh, and the dwarf Unwin’s Dahlia are sprouting.

But last night was the first new Bones show in a couple months, as well as some of my other shows coming back after re-runs…hence the wasted night…

On the up-side, one of the bachelor buttons bloomed today, a pretty pink one. I was hoping for blue (I like blue), but you take what you get in the mixes. It’s still pretty.

Oh yeah, planted some zinnia seeds in one container, and globeflower in another. So, some progress, but not as much as I’d hoped…

Mouseover to see bigger pic.

Purty, huh?.

Later, guys…

Not Much New…

sb158 | August 14, 2009


It’s still too hot; Hubby’s weather gizmo says 111 today. Much as I hated to, I had to go out there and spray the aphids off my peppers again; gotta keep up with it, as the little buggers multiple faster than tribbles(Trekkie reference, y’all). I got myself soaked in the process, which was a good thing. Cooled me off in that awful heat; probably kept me from dying of heatstroke.

Got all my SWC’s cleaned out and mixed some new dirt, getting ready for Round 2, which should commence shortly. Got tomatoes, peppers, and some broccoli, among other things, big enough to harden off. I put them on Hubby’s picnic table, in the shade, but am slowly exposing them to a bit more sun every day. Really gotta watch ‘em, though; this wind and heat will fry the poor little babies faster than I can blink.

Got some seeds sprouting to fill a couple off my new containers, and just got an idea for another one last nite while I should have been sleeping. I’ll start the seeds in a bit.

A couple weird things, though. I was about to pull my cukes, as they just aren’t fruiting, and are infested with whiteflies, among other things. All of a sudden they have just started growing like gangbusters, so now I’m debating. The watermelons in the SWC’s are doing the same thing. For a while it’s looked like they were barely hanging on, so I was babying them along hoping the melons would ripen before they expired. Now they’ve started growing new vines and blossoms, too. We’ll see what happens.


Squeaking In Under The Wire

sb158 | May 12, 2009


Whew! Can’t believe it, but I’ve worked my tush off and just about finished everything I needed to do before I leave for Colorado. Darn near killed myself out there working in that ridiculous heat, but I did get a nice tan out of it…

My shade arbor is done, SWCs filled and planted, including the pole bean seeds that are supposed to grow up the poles and shade my tomatoes.
Here’s a pic, (more…)

Plan B, update

sb158 | May 10, 2009


Went to lunch with my BIL, SIL, and Hubby’s nephew and his wife for Mother’s Day. We went to Outback, and it was good.

When I got home, I got started on my shade arbor, but it was miserable hot out there, as usual. I did decide where I want to put it permanently, got landscape fabric down, moved it, and fastened all the SWCs to the legs with tie wraps. It seems pretty sturdy, so maybe it’ll work. (more…)

Plan B, Part I

sb158 | May 9, 2009


It’s working! Cool!
I’ve mentioned that I had an idea for a shade arbor for my tomato SWC’s in previous posts. I got started on it today, and to my great surprise, it’s actually coming together just like I see it in my head.

This post is pretty image-heavy, as I’m posting pics of the W-I-P: (more…)

This Is Why, Jen…

sb158 | May 8, 2009


My daughter called today while I was painting the new SWC’s. Naturally, her first question was “Why are you painting ugly orange Home Depot buckets?” Told her to check here for the answer…

So, Jen, I’m making Self-Watering Containers into which to plant 2 watermelon, a zucchini, and a cantaloupe. Should have taken a “Before” pic, but here’s the “After.” (more…)

So Much To Do, Not Much Time

sb158 | May 8, 2009


I’m leaving for Colorado Springs on Thursday, so by a week from now, I’ll be there, instead of here. Got lots of stuff to get done before I leave, for sure. Got to get the peppers in the ground, ready or not, as well as the basil. The basil seems ready, but the peppers are taking their sweet time getting hardened to the sun.
I also have to try to get the shade arbor thingy done for the tomato SWCs. (more…)