Monster Mud, Rosemary, and Jasmine

sb158 | May 4, 2009


Much better day today, since the guy fixed the AC first thing this morning. Good thing, too, cuz hubby bought this gadget that collects weather information. The gadget said the high today was 101. Felt that hot, for sure.

So I finished my two Monster Pots, as I mentioned. Here’s a pic of the jasmine pot: (more…)

So Not A Good Weekend

sb158 | May 4, 2009


I mentioned once before that I have an idea for a way to shade the tomatoes in the SWC’s. I decided to get started on it this weekend. Best laid plans, and all that… (more…)

Got An Answer! Thanks, Jim.

sb158 | April 27, 2009


A very kind blog visitor identified my Mystery Shrub as Ruttya fruticosa. Found some cultural information here and here.

Apparently it’s easy to propagate by seeds or cuttings, so I may try that down the road some time. Got too much other stuff going on right now to deal with it.

Yesterday we went to brunch with my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and his son and wife. (more…)