It Actually Rained!!!

sb158 | March 8, 2011


Isn’t that amazing? Seriously, we haven’t had any significant rain in months, but a cool front came through Saturday morning. We got a good downpour, and things are looking much better for it. With this clay muck, it was too muddy after the rain to do anything garden – related.

Sunday I went to the local big blue box store, and bought some more “dirt” and stuff. Also bought a pink jasmine vine, but that was my daughter’s fault. She said it smelled really good and was really pretty. Then she said, and I quote, “You need this plant!” Who was I to argue with that? LOL…

I needed the dirt and stuff to start building a new bed. The “volunteer” tomato that sprouted ages ago in the compost is blossoming already; it’s ready for a permanent home! I looked at tomato stakes, but couldn’t believe the price they were charging! Why in the world do they think I’d be willing to pay $32.00 just to hold up a tomato plant? Was going to build a 4-sided cage, but changed my mind real fast! I have the PVC pipe from my arbor thingy, so I spray-painted 3 pieces green, and made a “tomato teepee” instead. Forgot to take pics today, but will try to remember tomorrow.

After I made the teepee, I marked out a 5′ circle, then dug a nice big 2′ wide and deep hole where I want to put the tomato. To fill it, I used the same 3″ alternating layers of greens, browns, and soil with which I make the lasagna beds. I’ll plant the tomato in the lasagna bed; the good stuff in the hole should give the tomato plenty to grow on!

I poked a bunch of holes in the circle with my digging fork, sprinkled on some organic amendments, then covered the circle with cardboard. I soaked it real well; tomorrow I can start building the “lasagna bed” around the tomato plant. I’m thinking the best way to go is to leave the tomato in its pot right where I’m going to plant it, then build the bed around it. Once the bed is done and settled a day or two, I’ll unpot the tomato and plop it right in it’s custom-fitted hole!

In keeping with the permaculture concept of diversifying plantings, and supplying a plant with what it needs, I’ll plant some flowers to attract beneficial insects, some nutrient accumulators and nitrogen-fixers to feed it, and something to act as a windbreak to keep that south wind from sucking the life out of the poor thing. Not entirely sure what will be the final bed configuration, but I hope I plant the right stuff to help the tomatoes grow!

For right now, tired from a long day in the garden, and planning another one tomorrow, so….

Gnite, y’all!

Planting Time, Finally!

sb158 | April 13, 2009


I finished my bed Friday, then fertilized and watered it really well today, despite the ugly hot humid nasty weather. There’s a Pacific front coming in, and it’s been “thunderstorm weather” all day today. You know how it gets still and muggy, and you can feel the sky just waiting to explode? (more…)

Oh, My Aching Bones

sb158 | April 7, 2009


This old lady hasn’t done this much digging in years, and the body is letting me know it doesn’t appreciate the effort at all. Yesterday I finished filling the front 8″ portion of the bed, and made it my goal to finish the back 12″ portion today. I got out there and started digging, and my old body just wanted to curl up and die. I hurt so bad, between muscle aches and arthritis, but I kept telling myself I could do just a bit more. Finally my “bit more” turned into the part I wanted to finish. I was never so glad to see the last bucket of dirt go in!
Tomorrow, I’m going to try to finish it all, or at least part of it. Depends on how badly I’m hurting vs. how determined I am to finish it!
Here’s a pic of what I did the first day. (more…)