I REALLY hate those little


(insert vile epithet of choice)______________. Fire ants, I mean. Bungled into two separate nests of the little _______ yesterday, with very unpleasant consequences. I’ve mentioned before that the french filet pole beans weren’t doing well, but I don’t think I mentioned the sick zucchini. It’s in one of the containers by the arbor thingy, and it’s only grown a few leaves and two male blossoms since I planted it before I went to Colorado. Whoever heard of a zucchini NOT growing, at least before the squash vine borers get it? So I decided to pull out the french failures and try some scarlet runner beans. I started to move the mulch away to plant the seeds, and was viciously attacked. Got away with only two bites that time; not so bad. I read somewhere that ants don’t like molasses, so I poured about a cup of molasses into a gallon of water and drenched the container with it. I also dumped a bit of Amdro in there. The ants might explain the sickly zucchini and failing beans, at least in part.

I decided to plant the scarlet runner beans in the cantaloupe container instead.

Later, after it cooled off a bit, I decided to pull everything out of the little storage area behind my trellis. The lawn guy can’t really weed-eat in there, so I figured I’d pull the weeds and put plastic down. I’m down on my hands and knees, trying to tuck some plastic under the lawn mower (which is wrapped in a tarp and stored there, since we got the lawn guy), when….

Yea, you guessed it. Here come the little _________ again. This time they were all over both hands, crawling up the legs of my jeans, and in my shirt. I ran inside, and immediately sprayed WD 40 all over my hands. Believe it or not, that stuff stops mosquito bites from itching and swelling, makes burns stop burning, and takes the sting out of even fire ant bites. Then I ran to the laundry room, started the washer, and stripped. Threw the clothes all in the washer, then stopped it after they were sufficiently covered. Next stop, the shower, after which I put more WD 40 all over my hands and feet where I’d been bitten. Had to apply it once more about an hour later, but the bites haven’t bothered me since then. They still all blistered up, but don’t bother me at all.

So, yea, I hate the little _______.

In my last post, I’d been debating whether or not to start new pepper plants. In thinking about it, I realized that, with all the aphid damage, the ones I have might survive and produce, but they won’t be at peak performance after all the heat and bugs. I have enough room for a few, so I’m gonna go ahead and start new ones.

I’m going to pull the Silvery Fir Tree tomatoes, cracked fruit and all, in a day or two, empty the dirt out and refurbish it, then plant some new tomatoes in that container soon as they’re big enough. I think I’m going to yank the Roma tomatoes pretty soon, too, as they haven’t set much fruit and look like they have some disease. I’ll let the current fruit ripen, but unless they have a miraculous recovery, they’re gone, too. Got some new paste tomatoes started to replace them, anyway. Probably would have had more luck if I’d started the garden in a more timely manner, but that’s life…

We’re actually getting some nice, sorely needed, rain showers today. Very happy about that. Came at a good time, too, cuz it was time to give the garden a fertilizer booster today, anyway. The rain just makes it that much more effective. Hubby’s weather gizmo said the high today was 109! It’s at least 20 degrees cooler now, after the rain started moving through. So thanks, Mother Nature. Appreciate it…


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  1. Well, you can take heart that I only got 2 piddly zucchini off of my sickly plant. I replanted, so hope I get some before winter. And what is with the Romas? You’re the second blogger I’ve read today who is having problems, and mine (which looked just fine a week ago) also looks as though it’s going to expire…and it is LOADED with tomatoes!

    Ouch, I don’t blame you for having a few names for those ants! I’m getting mosquito bites this year for the first time in years. Our city has always sprayed for them before, so I don’t know what happened this year.

    • sb158 says:

      Wow, a sudden epidemic of some Roma-killing plague, I guess. I have to start more zucchini, too. Fresh zucchini is one of my favorite garden things. You might consider trying WD 40 for the mosquito bites; I swear it works. Usually one squirt does it; occasionally need two, though. When I take the dog out at night after some rain, I can come in with 6 – 7 bites if I forget the Off. Give ‘em a few squirts, and by morning you can never even tell I had any bites at all.

  2. Ribbit says:

    Once upon a time, I was bitten buy several of those blankers on my pinky toe. My foot swelled up so badly that I dragged it around behind me like Igor. Thank goodness my wedding dress was long enough so that you couldn’t see I wasn’t wearing shoes. :) Seriously.

    • sb158 says:

      OMG, really? It’s funny now, but I doubt it seemed that way at the time! What a mental image, walking up the aisle dragging that bare foot behind! ROFLMBO! Sorry, can’t help it. Life with you must never be boring! And that’s a good thing.

      • Ribbit says:

        Hey, Dad braced me up going down the aisle so I didn’t limp and the new man carried me back down the aisle. No one knew until the reception. It hurt, though. Lesson learned. Never take out the trash can in bare feet.

  3. I know what you mean about those nasty little buggers. When DH was looking for a job when we were in Alaska, part of my criteria was no fire ants. I did find that peroxide seemed to kill the itch & help them heal faster if I remember right. I got a nasty infection in my ankle one time from those things (when we lived in TX).

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