Hmphf. Stupid WordPress.


Was just gonna stick a pic of my rolls in the comments to the previous post, but apparently you can’t post pics in comments. So here are my rolls. They were good!

OK, done for today…


4 Responses to “Hmphf. Stupid WordPress.”

  1. Mmmmm, they look good! I swear, if I could, I’d live on home made bread and soup. I need the soup tonight, I’ve been so sick since Sunday.

    • sb158 says:

      Me, too. Unfortunately, rest of family, not so much…What’s up? Have you got a cold or something from the abrupt climate change from AZ to home? Hope it’s nothing serious and you’re on your feet and gardening soon. Feel better…Sending Grandma’s Chicken Noodle Soup your way, at least in spirit.

  2. i think it must be the flu. Feverish, achy, trying to cough up a lung. Today is my husband’s 75th birthday, so I have heavily medicated to cover symptoms so we can at least go out to dinner. But I feel like warmed over dead.

    • sb158 says:

      Ew. No fun at all. Tell Hubby I said “Happy Birthday” and I hope you feel well enough to enjoy your dinner out. Meanwhile, take it easy, and feel better real soon.

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