Almost Done


I finished most of my garden bed today, despite the higher temps and humidity. Surprisingly, I didn’t hurt quite as much as I thought I would. The bath in Icy Hot must have helped. LOL.
I have only about 10 sq ft to finish, but I don’t think I have enough “mixers” to finish. Gotta run over to Lowe’s and grab a couple more bags, and some lime, since I forgot it the last time I was there. Would’ve been much easier to mix the lime as I was mixing the dirt, but…
So I guess I’ll run to the store when hubby gets home, so I can finish the garden later tonight or tomorrow.
On another note, the lantana and Blackie sweet potato vine I planted with the lavender are both blooming. Here’s a pic.

Blackie is blooming


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  1. The pot looks very pretty. I need to get some pots going, I have no color in my garden.

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