Monster Mud, Rosemary, and Jasmine


Much better day today, since the guy fixed the AC first thing this morning. Good thing, too, cuz hubby bought this gadget that collects weather information. The gadget said the high today was 101. Felt that hot, for sure.

So I finished my two Monster Pots, as I mentioned. Here’s a pic of the jasmine pot:

Night-Blooming Jasmine and Friends

Yes, I know, the poor thing looks sad. It was so root-bound I had to prune the roots, then prune the foliage to balance the root reduction. I planted a Moonlight nasturtium, one of my clearance creeping sedums, a dichondra, and two teeny baby verbena in the container with it. Hope it does okay.

The other Monster Pot is for my rosemary. Here’s a pic of the finished pot and the rosemary for which I made it:

Rosemary Pot

Big pot for a not-so-big rosemary, I know. Just like kids, it will grow, though. Until it grows into the pot, I put some broken styrofoam pieces that were in the new coffeepot box into the bottom. I filled it to about an inch or so below the plant level, then covered it with landscape fabric to keep the dirt from sifting down into the styrofoam. That way, the plant will have some room to stretch it’s roots and grow, but not too much. If all goes well, I’ll probably have to repot again in fall or spring, but all I have to do is remove some Styrofoam and we’ll be good to go. It was getting dark by the time I finished transplanting the rosemary, or I would have added a pic of that, too.

Here’s a pic of the baby peppers and basils sitting in their eventual garden homes, getting used to the sun. It took about an hour and a half, again, before they started looking wilty and I moved them back.

Babies Sunning Themselves

Didn’t get the SWC’s made, as I had other stuff to do today. And I seem to have an infestation of leaf miners, so I guess it’s Google time to get rid of them. Couple minor holes in the bush bean leaves, too, could be slugs or snails, or any number of other unsavory critters. At least the rabbits and birds haven’t managed to get through the bean cage yet…knock on wood.


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  1. Your pots turned out really nice. Won’t you be glad when you can get everything into the garden? I have just about everything out now that I have room for, except the melons and the stuff that will stay in containers. I’m finally hardening off the four big potted peppers. I’m seeing some leaf miner damage in my spinach already. I didn’t have that problem with the late spinach I planted last year. I also have wire worms in the spring, but not later in the year. I didn’t have bird damage with the later crops, either. I’ll be sure to plant a fall garden again this year!

    • sb158 says:

      Thanks! It’s about time I finished them, right? LOL. It remains to be seen whether they will actually hold up, even with all the waterproofing I did. Next up is one that looks like a rock with holes, into which I plan to plant a few different varieties of creeping thyme. And probably another beer cooler pot for my no-longer-mystery-shrub.
      Before I do that, though, I need to build the SWC’s and the shade thingy for my tomatoes. If it goes together like I see it in my head, it should work great, and maybe even look nice.
      Got any ideas on the leaf miners? Haven’t had time to look tonight, as I had to help my daughter in college with her homework. You would have thought I’d be done with that by now. I don’t mind, though, it was history, and I love history.

  2. kevinlmw says:

    nice css when you combined 2 theme, btw mind if i ask how you add the sliding header? what code that needed to make it work?

    thank you

    • sb158 says:

      I read this post at the Sliding Header site. It took quite a while experimenting and tweaking, but eventually got it to work.

      • kevinlmw says:

        thank you very much, glad to meet another fan of sliding door header XD
        i will try it out^^ yesterdays i tried till morning lol

        seeing your site somehow reminded me when i living with my grandma where i plant all sort of flower.
        Managed to plant a sunflower as tall as 2 meter. After i live with parents at urban city, i can no longer plant anything >.<

        • sb158 says:

          Thank you. My Grandma was a big reason I garden, too. You would be surprised at what you can grow in the city. If you click the Gardenweb link, it will take you to the forums. The best ones for urban gardening would be Container Gardening or Square Foot Gardening, but there are many from which to choose.

  3. kevinlmw says:

    >.< only sucessfully apear one bars, another one is below. other gone T.T

    • sb158 says:

      I made many mistakes while I was trying to make it work, too. You just have to keep trying; eventually you will get it right.

  4. kevinlmw says:

    yea, i guess i start by learning it from scratch.
    so that i can identify the which parts is which parts.

    i am following this one

    until i able to fix it, i will be using default theme then

    • sb158 says:

      That’s what I did. You just have to keep at it until you get it. One thing that helped me most was using the Firefox browser, and installing the Firebug plugin, as well as the Web Developer Toolbar. Both of them let you change what you see on the screen, temporarily, so you can see how the code works. Don’t think I could have done it without that. Very helpful tools, and IMHO, Firefox is a much better browser.

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