Hallelujah and Thank You


We’re finally getting some rain and (slightly) cooler temperatures! Not nearly as much as we need, but, at this point, I’m thankful for whatever we get. I expect my plants will grow a foot overnight!

Here are some pics I took about a week ago that show how much the garden had grown while I was in Colorado. Compare them to these pics.

Pics within


As I said, these pics are about a week old. In a couple days, after it stops raining, I’ll take some more, just to see how they grew after the rain. You can water all you want, but even a little bit of rain does so much more…


2 Responses to “Hallelujah and Thank You”

  1. Jen says:

    I love the picnic table Daddy is working on. I want one just like it!! And one of these days I will remember to send you the sketch and ideas Don wrote down for the shadow box for my graduation stuff. Love and miss you! Jen
    btw…our temp is probably a good 15 degrees cooler up here…you need to come back…

    • sb158 says:

      He’s got it all built now, weather vane and all, just has to stain it. I’ll try to remember to take a pic tomorrow, if the camera doen’t melt as soon as I walk out the door. And I finally got a ripe tomato…and more cukes are coming. Price of produce is going down…

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