Trying to Keep It Alive


This Valley is gonna look like the icon here pretty quick if the heat doesn’t break and we don’t get some rain.

With temps in the 90′s and the wind blowing from the south at 20+ mph for the past several days, I’m surprised my entire garden hasn’t died yet. The wind just keeps sucking out every bit of moisture I keep applying. So far, one pole bean and one tomato appear to have succumbed, but the tomato was never doing that well, anyway. And I do have a spare to plant in it’s place, if it’s really terminal.

Not much to do in the garden except try to keep it alive. I did discover that Annie’s Granny was right, nasturtiums do germinate better outside than in the house, as long as I soak them overnight! Against my better judgment, I went outside and mixed up some dirt that nasturtiums will probably like better than the garden soil and watered it real well. I was hoping it would cool off a bit by now, but I guess not. Still hotter than Hades out there, but I have to go plant the seeds.

Got some other stuff that needs to get done, but this weather is making it all difficult. Sigh…


2 Responses to “Trying to Keep It Alive”

  1. Yep…I’m still having better luck with those outside nasturtiums. Even without soaking the seeds, they are germinating outside and not in the soil cells in the house.

    • sb158 says:

      The ones outside seem to pop up in a day or two, while the ones I had in the house never even sprout. Weird, but whatever works, right?

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