Tomato Lasagna…and more indecision…


Tired, really need to go to bed, so briefly…

got the tomato lasagna bed done a few days ago, but am letting it sit and settle a few days before I actually pull the tomatoes out of their pots and plant them. The milk jugs have pinholes in the side, and I keep filling them with water and letting it soak in. These beds take alot of water to get moist enough at first, but hold the water quite well once they do. The slow drip from the milk jugs gives the water time to soak in, instead of running off and getting wasted…
May plant tomorrow, we’ll see.

Lasagna bed

As for the indecision, Hubby has decided to go house-hunting again, so, again, I don’t know whether to proceed with the garden plans or hold off in case he actually does decide to buy a house. Sigh…getting tired of this. Need him to make up his mind once an for all!


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  1. Your lasagna bed looks so rich and fertile. I’m sorry about the problem of possibly moving. I’d hate to put in all that work then have to leave it behind. But I’d hate to not have a garden and end up staying. What to do…what to do.

    • sb158 says:

      I know…it’s driving me crazy. I have another half-dozen tomato plants and more pepper plants, not to mention cucumbers, sweet potatoes, etc, that still need to be planted. I hesitate to spend the money to make the beds, though, if we really are going to move…Really don’t know what to do!

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