So Much To Do, Not Much Time

sb158 | May 8, 2009


I’m leaving for Colorado Springs on Thursday, so by a week from now, I’ll be there, instead of here. Got lots of stuff to get done before I leave, for sure. Got to get the peppers in the ground, ready or not, as well as the basil. The basil seems ready, but the peppers are taking their sweet time getting hardened to the sun.
I also have to try to get the shade arbor thingy done for the tomato SWCs. (more…)

Monster Mud, Rosemary, and Jasmine

sb158 | May 4, 2009


Much better day today, since the guy fixed the AC first thing this morning. Good thing, too, cuz hubby bought this gadget that collects weather information. The gadget said the high today was 101. Felt that hot, for sure.

So I finished my two Monster Pots, as I mentioned. Here’s a pic of the jasmine pot: (more…)

Planting Time, Finally!

sb158 | April 13, 2009


I finished my bed Friday, then fertilized and watered it really well today, despite the ugly hot humid nasty weather. There’s a Pacific front coming in, and it’s been “thunderstorm weather” all day today. You know how it gets still and muggy, and you can feel the sky just waiting to explode? (more…)

Rats! Too Windy

sb158 | April 9, 2009


The wind was (is) blowing like crazy today, so I can’t finish the last 5 sq ft or so of my garden. Bummer. And I still need lime. It ain’t easy trying to find garden lime in a place where the water and soil are so alkaline that most people want stuff to acidify the soil, not sweeten it. I better find some soon.

Almost Done

sb158 | April 8, 2009


I finished most of my garden bed today, despite the higher temps and humidity. Surprisingly, I didn’t hurt quite as much as I thought I would. The bath in Icy Hot must have helped. LOL.
I have only about 10 sq ft to finish, but I don’t think I have enough “mixers” to finish. (more…)

Oh, My Aching Bones

sb158 | April 7, 2009


This old lady hasn’t done this much digging in years, and the body is letting me know it doesn’t appreciate the effort at all. Yesterday I finished filling the front 8″ portion of the bed, and made it my goal to finish the back 12″ portion today. I got out there and started digging, and my old body just wanted to curl up and die. I hurt so bad, between muscle aches and arthritis, but I kept telling myself I could do just a bit more. Finally my “bit more” turned into the part I wanted to finish. I was never so glad to see the last bucket of dirt go in!
Tomorrow, I’m going to try to finish it all, or at least part of it. Depends on how badly I’m hurting vs. how determined I am to finish it!
Here’s a pic of what I did the first day. (more…)

Empty, but finished, garden bed

sb158 | March 10, 2009

A couple days ago, I told you my garden bed was finished, and that I had bought some herbs, but I hadn’t had time to take a pic. I rectified that, (more…)

Almost Ready

admin | March 8, 2009

Whew! Busy weekend. My bed is finally almost ready for the “dirt.” DH finished it yesterday, so I started putting down cardboard, prior to landscape fabric. Today I put down what landscape fabric I had, but ran out before I finished.

Off to Big Orange for some more. Bad, very bad! Walked in there and saw all those plants. I tried to resist, really, I did, but… (more…)