First things first:


This site is designed as a place to put my creative efforts. It’s very image-heavy, so isn’t recommended for slower connections. Please keep in mind that this is a beginner’s effort and be kind. I’ve never owned, designed, or maintained a website before, so this very much a learn-as-you-go effort. As such, it’s designed for the IE7 or Firefox2 browsers. If it looks weird, try checking your browser version and updating if necessary. One day I’ll learn all the tricks for cross-platform compatibility, but for now, this is the best I can do. If you have any comments or suggestions, or if you find a glitch, feel free to click the “CONTACT ME” link. Please let me know if you find any broken links, misspellings, typos, or a red "X" where an image should be.


Feel free to take and use anything you like, just don't claim it's yours. If you're feeling kind, you could direct people here to see for themselves.


The music that inspired some of the art can be found on the “Resources” page.


The site was designed with some fonts that aren’t commonly installed on most computers. To see it as it was designed, click the “FONTS” link. Install the fonts on your system or use a font manager. Instructions for Windows systems are provided. Fonts are part of the design; the right ones make a big difference.


I'm still working on the Video and Blog sections. Should be done soon. Meanwhile, I'm posting what I have so far. Lots more art to put up, but some of it needs tweaking. I'll add content as I finish it. Eventually I hope to have a Digital Scrapbook section of my kids, grandkids, and family history. Might come up with some other good ideas, too. One never knows when or how the Muse might strike.


Now that I've attended to business, what about me? One question I'm always asked is “Squirtbug? Why?” When one of my grandsons was little, his mother always called him “Squirtbug.” When he was the right age, I enrolled him in the Disney site. I thought squirtbug would be an easy user name to remember. Lots of other people must have thought so, too. There were 157 “Squirtbugs” before him, so he became #158. I started using it, too. Hence, “”.


I’ve been playing with digital creativity since the very first version of Broderbund’s Print Shop came out way back in the Dark Ages of the first versions of Windows. Hubby found the first tiny version of Paint Shop Pro, which began as a very simple bitmap editor, a long time ago. As it evolved, so did I. I've used every version until Corel bought it. Didn't much care for their version, so I've stuck with PSP 9, and I suppose I will until it won't work any longer. I've learned a great deal through Yahoo groups, mostly via Incredimail graphics groups. Then I discovered Livejournal, and learned a whole lot more. Hope you like the results.

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